25 June 2007
25 June 2007

June 28 the 4th annual summit of Yalta European Strategy (YES) is to be launched

From June 28 to July 1, the 4th annual summit of Yalta European Strategy (YES) is to be held....
13 March 2007

Oleksandr Kwasniewski visits the Eastern and Western Ukraine within the European Debate Forum

With a view of broadening the dialogue on Ukraine's European future, "The Yalta European Strategy" (YES) in partnership with The International Renaissance Foundation launches the initiative "The European Debate Forum" in the regions of Ukraine with participation of the EU leading policy-makers and leaders, as well as representatives of the political and business elites, noted scholars, experts, public figures, journalists and students from major Universities of Eastern and Western Ukraine.

2 March 2007

YES/DGAP International Conference in Berlin: Prime Minister of Ukraine Victor Yanukovich Presents New Steps Toward Europe to Political and Expert Community

Over 300 home and foreign policy professionals, government representatives, businessmen, experts and journalists gather in Berlin to discuss new steps in development of relations between Ukraine and the EU. 

John Tefft
John Tefft
Ambassador to Ukraine (2009-2013), 15th YES Annual Meeting, 2018
«Russia still has to become a modern nation. It still hasn’t made the fundamental decisions to determine whether it’s going to be a part of the international community or whether it’s going to try to be an imperial power and attack its neighbors, and take their land.»