Gordon Brown: Europe needs to engage in global collaboration

Gordon Brown: Europe needs to engage in global collaboration
15 September 2012

Europe's current problems can be solved by improving decision-making in the EU and through more active involvement of the EU in global cooperation, said Gordon Brown, Prime Minister of Great Britain (2007-2010), addressing the audience in the course of the discussion “The Future of Europe” at the 9th Yalta Annual Meeting.

I the context of the current global trends, the issue of the global cooperation becomes more and more important, British politician believes. “America and Europe no longer can be responsible for the lion share of production in the world. Consumption shifts to developing countries. Wealth that is concentrated mostly in the West today, will be distributed around the world more evenly in the coming years”, said Gordon Brown.

“At this historic crossroads, when the West produces less and sells more, people in Asia, who produce, must be confident that they can sell their product. And people in Europe should be confident they will have jobs. This requires global cooperation. In the transition period, it is simply necessary,” said Brown, “And it’s tragic that after the challenges of the economic recession, only few saw potential benefits from the global partnership.”

According to the former British Prime Minister, Europe needs to take bold, tough and requisite decisions, particularly relevant for fiscal and monetary union which is a must in order to save the European economy as a whole. To do this, the European decision-making system needs to be improved, the system where one country can block decision of the rest. “We cannot make decisions required for the banking and fiscal union. And we pay a high price for it," said Gordon Brown.

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