Yalta European Strategy and Victor Pinchuk Foundation to host new format event - YES Brainstorming – on 9th-11th September in Kyiv

01 September 2021

On 9th-11th September 2021 in Kyiv, Ukraine, the Yalta European Strategy (YES) in partnership with the Victor Pinchuk Foundation will hold a new format event – YES Brainstorming – which will focus on “Post-COVID = Pre-Disaster? Steps to Survival”.

A new format discussion – YES Brainstorming – will be an exclusive, interactive conversation from Ukraine’s most promising leaders of today and tomorrow, with some of the world’s most acclaimed thinkers. According to a hybrid format, key speakers and a select audience will attend the event in person in Kyiv, as well as join it online. Live broadcasting will be provided to a wider audience.

The discussion will feature intellectuals and expert opinion leaders from the political, business, media sphere and civil sector. The new brainstorming format has been designed to offer more interactivity, with participants encouraged to ask questions and start a dialogue, allowing for a more intense and less formal conversation that will be open, substantial and fascinating. The agenda will focus on global risks, such as climate change, future pandemics and the potential fallout from technical disruptions, as well as challenges for the international order, and how to overcome such threats and leverage the opportunities available to the humankind. The second part of the discussion will focus on the challenges and opportunities specific to Ukraine and how it relates to their international counterparts.

Due to the ongoing impact of the pandemic, YES has opted to hold this special event with only 50-70 participants present at the most sessions this year. The traditional YES Annual Meeting moved to 2022.

Alexander Kwasniewski, chairman of the Yalta European Strategy Board and President of Poland (1995-2005), said: Ukraine is strategically important for Europe’s future, even if other issues have been making international headlines in the past weeks, months and years. A democratic, open Ukraine governed by rule of law, with its territorial integrity intact and going the European way Ukrainians chose, will be an asset for Europe and will send a strong signal. We find it important to bring together smart friends of Ukraine with great Ukrainians building a new country, and have a candid discussion. Hopefully this will create ideas useful for Ukraine, for those working on and with Ukraine, and those building a strong Europe and West with a perspective for Ukraine.”

The YES Brainstorming event will be held at Mystetskiy Arsenal, Kyiv, Ukraine.

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Timothy Snyder
Timothy Snyder
Yale University professor and specialist in the history of Eastern Europe, YES Annual Meeting, 2023
«Ukraine is the embodiment of hope of human civilization»