If EU is to extend, it could not ignore Ukraine – Pinchuk

30 June 2007

Founder of Yalta European Strategy (YES) Victor Pinchuk do not think that Ukraine will loose its independence as a result of acceding to the EU.

So he said at the press-conference at 4th annual YES meeting at Livadia palace in Yalta.

When two companies merge, each looses a part of its independence. But together through the effect of synergy they become more powerful, - said Victor Pinchuk. - Each of them understands what is forward. Each of them understands what gains and losses merger hides. All depends on the companies' strategy and ambitions of their leaders. Of course, some time for transition is necessary. The same with politics. Ukraine may gain a lot from the Eurointegration. We have to make reforms in economics, democracy, rule of law. It is we foremost that need those reforms. So soon as we completed the reformation we make decision where to go then. The whole world will change. In the run global players will either stagnate or extend. If the European union is to elect extension, then it inevitably will extend as far as China. So, if the EU is to extend then, it could not ignore Ukraine. In either case, Ukraine will contact other global players. So, the situation is like this: either they could not ignore us or we would not need them. Still, I think that a global players Ukraine will integrate with in the long perspective is the EU.

Also, Victor Pinchuk do not see any problem for domestic economy and business as a result of the EU accession. "I see problems for domestic business only in case Ukraine did not accede to the EU, he emphasized. - Because the EU accession means the rule of law, and it will protect our business. As regards competition toughening, it is good. When competing with transnational corporations one is left to depend on oneself only. If you move, stir, rapidly react to the changes of environment you are a success".

YES founder consider participation of Victor Chernomyrdin, Ambassador of the Russian Federation, in the Yalta annual meeting a great success. "There has been a breakthrough in discussion and Victor Chernomyrdin gave us an important signal. Signal from Russia that Ukraine has to be in Europe".

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Muhammad Yunus
Muhammad Yunus
Nobel Peace Prize Winner, 2006; Founder, Grameen Bank; Chairman, Yunus Centre , 9th YES Annual Meeting, 2012
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