I Fight So That People Can Continue Living in Ukraine – Masi Nayem

10 September 2023

Every serviceman has their own reasons for defending Ukraine on the battlefield; my motivation is that most Ukrainian people survive and could continue living here, said Masi Nayem, founder of the Miller Law Firm and serviceman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine when delivering a speech  at the annual meeting of the Yalta European Strategy (YES) "The Future Is Being Decided in Ukraine", organized by YES in partnership with the Victor Pinchuk Foundation.

When asked what he is fighting for, Nayem continued: “I definitely want revenge. I want to take revenge in the most horrible way, which is only allowed by international conventions. Why do I want this? I wanted this so I would never be ashamed of myself in front of those people Russia took from us. I want my friends who have not yet been mobilized to never be mobilized. I am fighting so that most people in this country stay alive and are able to live on,” said Masi Nayem.

He urged society not to romanticize the war and to remember the real price that Ukrainians paid for their victory.

“Every person wounded is wounded for the rest of their life. Anyone who has died will never say anything again. Unfortunately, there is too much pathos, romance, and beautiful stories around the war,” added Masi Nayem.

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