Victor and Elena Pinchuk to provide the first batch of armoured ambulances to emergency doctors

05 April 2022

Victor and Elena Pinchuk will provide the first batch of seven STANAG 4569 armoured ambulances to emergency doctors to rescue wounded soldiers and civilians from the affected combat zones.

Armoured vehicles that can protect our brave medics, soldiers and civilians will be sent from Britain next week.

These vehicles, which belonged to the British Ministry of Defense, were transformed into ambulances with all the necessary medical equipment on a non-profit basis by the largest British ambulance manufacturer Venari Group. Employees of Venari Group work 24/7 to produce these cars for Ukraine as soon as possible.

Victor and Elena Pinchuk convey gratitude to the Embassy of Ukraine in the United Kingdom, Venari Group and Member of the British Parliament Andrew Percy for their support and assistance in this project.

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David Rubenstein
David Rubenstein
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