Egils Levits: after its victory, Ukraine will become one of the most powerful nations in Europe

10 September 2022

After achieving victory in war, Ukraine will become one of the most powerful European nations and an important part of the European community, believes Egils Levits, President of Latvia.

"I am completely convinced that after the war, after Ukraine wins, Ukraine will become one of the most powerful European nations. We must support Ukraine; we must contribute to its victory. This is our common burden," – said Egils Levits at the 17th Yalta European Strategy (YES) Annual Meeting «Ukraine: Defending All Our Freedom», organised by YES in partnership with the Victor Pinchuk Foundation.

The President of Latvia emphasized that the peace to come must be made on Ukraine's terms and must be based on international law.

“It is not for us to push Ukraine to some negotiations, to some compromise. A strong and lasting peace can come only on the basis of internationally recognized values and international law. Therefore, I would not support Realpolitik, that is, the politics of capitulation, the politics of defeat, because it does not lead to real peace,” he emphasized.

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