Ukraine is Fighting for our Common Freedom and the Future of Free World - Mateusz Morawiecki

10 September 2022

Ukraine is fighting for the freedom of the entire free world, and the West’s joint victory depends on the continued military and financial support of Ukraine, the Polish Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, said at the 17th Yalta European Strategy (YES) Annual Meeting «Ukraine: Defending All Our Freedom», organised by YES in partnership with the Victor Pinchuk Foundation.

“Ukraine struggles for our and your freedom. For the future of the free world. We must continue to persuade our friends in the free world that weapons and financial support are critical to Ukraine winning and for all our safety”, he said.

Any delays or doubts regarding the need to support Ukraine only delay the victory of the free world.

“Indecision and delay, procrastination and hesitation, are the parents of failure – this is why we are organising and influencing public opinion in the west to support Ukraine as much as they can.”, he continued.

He also said the world is now on the verge of a tilting point in history.

“I strongly believe Ukraine will win and protect its freedom and independence. This is a tipping point in world history, not just the history of Europe.”

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Yuval Harari
Yuval Harari
Professor, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 16th YES Annual Meeting, 2019
«Our global problems demand global solutions.»