Ukraine Should Negotiate for Crimea, Country's East – Poll

Ukraine Should Negotiate for Crimea, Country's East – Poll
12 September 2015

Most Ukrainians and international delegates of the 12th Yalta European Strategy (YES) Annual Meeting agree that Ukraine should resolve the situation around Crimea, which was annexed by Russia, and the conflict-torn east of the country through negotiations, according to the results of an interactive survey conducted during the forum.

Of interest was the poll result that nearly 60 percent of both Ukrainian and international participants supported the view.

The use of “weapons of war to regain control over the lost territories" received support of 23% of the Ukrainians in attendance, and only half of as many foreign participants supported this option.

Another response was "to abandon Crimea without recognizing it officially, to negotiate a decision on Donbas" (10 percent of Ukrainians and nearly 20 percent of foreigners). 

The options "to abandon Crimea and Donbas without recognizing them officially" and "to abandon Crimea and Donbas officially" received a very small number of votes among participants.

The 12th Yalta European Strategy Annual Meeting will be streamed live at as well as web-sites of the Media Partners in English and Ukrainian.

The official Twitter of the 12th YES Annual Meeting is @yes_ukraine, and participants and followers can include the hashtag: #YESUkraine2015.

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Chrystia Freeland
Chrystia Freeland
9th YES Annual Meeting, 2012
«You should have the uniting idea that will be supported by all political parties, that will keep your country on a single path»