Russia must “come back to Europe” – Yurgens

Russia must “come back to Europe” – Yurgens
16 September 2011

Russia in the globalized world should play the role of a bridge between the West and East Asian civilizations.

This opinion expressed Igor Yurgens, President of the Institute of Contemporary Development (Russia), in the discussion “World Architecture in – Continuous? – Reshaping” at the 8th Yalta Annual Meeting of YES.

According to him, “Russia, like a prodigal son, should re-enter Europe, the Judaic-Christian family of nations. At the same time, it is to cooperate with China and, subsequently, to arrange a bridge between two civilizations. The united Europe together with China and the USA should build something more interesting” than all existing global institutions.

Any of two presidential candidates in Russia, as Yurgens said, should think over the price of this step – “coming back to Europe” – and, finally, make it.

At the same time, Igor Yurgens consented with Strobe Talbott that civil society should build its own network for interaction of analytical centers and public initiatives throughout the space from Vancouver to Vladivostok.

The 8th Yalta Annual Meeting entitled “Ukraine and the World: Common Challenges, Common Future”, organized by the Yalta European Strategy (YES) in partnership with the Victor Pinchuk Foundation, will take place in Livadia Palace, Ukraine from 15th to 18th of  September 2011.

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Sauli Niinistö
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