Broadcasting rights for Euro-2012 will bring EURO1 billion - Olkhovich

30 June 2007

Time is the major adversary of Ukraine and Poland on their way to a successful implementation of Euro-2012 project. Adam Olkhovich, the Head of the Committee for organizing EURO 2012 attached to the Football Association of Poland, said "five years is not too much at all" during the 4th annual "Yalta European Strategy" meeting during a round-table session "EURO 2012 Championship: What will it give to Ukraine?".

Olkhovich pointed out that the government of Poland is now working on groundbreaking laws that would provide for partnership between the State and private capital in the course of arranging and holding the Championship.

According the Committee's head any championship is an profit-making event. "Broadcasting rights for Euro-2012 are to be sold for one billion Euros, - a record breaking amount. UEFA is expecting to make considerable profit as well. Countries hosting the Championship, Ukraine and Poland, will also gain huge economic benefits".

Adam Olkhovich said that during TV-broadcasting of the Championship the most high-end technologies would be used to make it possible to watch the matches on the Internet and cellular phones.

"Yalta European Strategy" (YES) is an independent organization, which brings together high-level policy-makers, business leaders, thinkers, researchers, and journalists in Ukraine and abroad to facilitate Ukraine's accession to EU. The annual YES summits in Yalta have become the leading informal high-level forum focused on discussing and development of political recommendations. In 2006, the YES experts developed an analytical document "Agenda-2020", representing a step-by-step strategy for Ukraine's accession to the European Union in 2020. YES organization was created by a Ukrainian businessman and public figure, Victor Pinchuk in 2004.

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Christopher Pincher
Christopher Pincher
Minister of State for Europe, United Kingdom, 16th YES Annual Meeting, 2019
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