Our Strategic Goal is the Complete Liberation of the Territory of Ukraine from the Aggressor – Vadym Skybytskyi

11 September 2023

The Armed Forces of Ukraine are experienced enough in planning and conducting active offensive to achieve the strategic goal of completely liberating the territory of Ukraine from russian troops.

That was stated by Major General, Deputy Chief of the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine Vadym Skibytskyi at the Yalta European Strategy (YES) Annual Meeting “The Future is Being Decided in Ukraine”, organised by YES in partnership with the Victor Pinchuk Foundation.

“One of the very important factors is international aid, because without modern equipment, long-range weapons, and powerful ammunition, it would be very difficult to penetrate and break the russian defence line. That's why we count on it. Our warriors and our armed forces, believe me, are experienced enough in planning and conducting active offensive to achieve the strategic goal, which is the complete liberation of our territory from the aggressor,” said the Major General.

Vadym Skybytskyi also commented on the constant russian strikes with missiles and kamikaze drones on Ukraine’s civilian infrastructure.

“The russian federation is waging a war in which the entire state is involved. They completely put the economy on a wartime footing; the military industry is trying to increase the production of, as they call it, “high-tech weapons.” We see that everything that is produced at their enterprises immediately goes to the army and is used in our country. Thus, in order to defeat russia and stop missile attacks, it is necessary to neutralize the production of items that are used for military purposes,” he said.

According to Major General Vadym Skybytskyi, russia has concentrated significant forces along the front line.

“They concentrated more than 420,000 military personnel on our temporarily occupied territories. This is without representatives of the russian guard, special units and other structures that suppory the occupation power in the occupied territories,” he emphasized.

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Sauli Niinistö
Sauli Niinistö
President of the Republic of Finland, 16th YES Annual Meeting, 2019
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