Javier Solana: EU does not shut the door on Ukraine, but wait till it decides on its values

Javier Solana: EU does not shut the door on Ukraine, but wait till it decides on its values
15 September 2012

Ukraine should come to a decision for itself whether it is ready to move towards the European Union and share its underlying values. This idea was announced by the EU High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy (1999-2009), former NATO Secretary General Javier Solana.

“Ukraine should look at itself, its values. Do you have social consensus on the issue of moving towards Europe? Do you have the strategy uniting everybody? We don’t see that so far,” Solana said.

The European politician questioned that the Customs Union is a good integration choice for Ukraine and it is a purely economic alliance. “In the Customs Union, economy is not as important as politics. Moreover, if Ukraine joins CU it should then negotiate with the European Union twice: first, on behalf of itself, second, as a component of the Customs Union,” Solana said.

He stressed on the qualitative difference between two interstate associations and called upon Ukraine to think over its values and priorities. “You should look at your values and decide. The Customs Union is the customs that gives a green light. The European Union changes life, changes everything in the country. We, in the European Union, do not force you to make any choice. European doors are still open for you,” Javier Solana noted.

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