Aleksander Kwasniewski: There Will Be a Day When Europeans Ask Ukrainians to Join EU

Aleksander Kwasniewski: There Will Be a Day When Europeans Ask Ukrainians to Join EU
02 October 2010

Ukraine’s, Europe’s and Russia’s development is tightly interlinked with the challenges and opportunities of today’s globalised world, said Aleksander Kwasniewski during the concluding session of the 7th Annual Meeting of YES.

“We cannot stop globalisation. You must decide what role you want to play in this globalised and versatile world,” the Chairman of the Board of YES emphasized.

In this light, the choice between West and East is not the central question for Ukraine. "Every Ukrainian president has to find a balance between Russia and the EU," Kwasniewski said. The most important challenge for Ukraine’s citizens is to believe in their own strength, he stated. As to the European integration of Ukraine, he called it an objective demand."You have potential. Eventually the time will come when we will ask you, Ukrainians, to join the EU, as we will also at some point in time ask Turkey to join. Because we need you." Meanwhile, President Kwasniewski said, Ukraine must concentrate on implementing reforms. "We have a lot of work to do, problems to solve and commitments to fulfill. One of the challenges is to foster the further development of civil society. Ukraine needs active and informed citizens who follow closely the political processes, vote consciously and contribute to society."

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Tacan Ildem
Tacan Ildem
Ambassador, Assistant Secretary General for Public Diplomacy, NATO, 14th YES Annual Meeting, 2017
«A stable, sovereign and independent Ukraine is a key to Euro-Atlantic security.»